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As we age, we notice subtle things happening to our bodies. Tiredness, loss of energy, weight gain even mood changes may be signs that our busy life styles may be catching up with us. The last thing you want to do is jump into a drastic diet and exercise regimen. That can actually worsen your problems. What I have learned as a dentist and health coach for over 30 years, is you must support your mind, body and your smile if you want to look and feel great from the inside out. Our goal is to provide the tools; inspiration and information that you need to make health and wellness change easily, safely and naturally. My team and I will help you get to the root of many problems and teach you how to fight against inflammation and toxins throughout your entire body that includes your smile. Why? Because inflammation is linked to periodontal disease, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and many chronic illnesses. The good news is that simple changes can have far-reaching results that can help reach your health and wellness goals. And we are here to help you get there!


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