Why SevaLife Works


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We use patient centered health coaching techniques that have been proven effective.


Did you know that The New England Journal of Medicine along with other notable medical researchers now embrace health coaching as an effective way to achieve sustained weight loss and to make changes that will improve your risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease diabetes? Read the full article.

Our whole health coaching coupled with our integration with our holistic team provides comprehensive support for you.

We design a plan to help you lower your risk and support you all along the way. It can include organic fruits and veggies delivered to your door, meal plans and recipes, personal training and fitness support, meditation, reiki and massage. Most importantly get back into living a truly fulfilled life.


Individual and group coaching is available - We make it fun and affordable!



 middle aged couple

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The Doctor's Truth: 
The 5 Hidden Factors That Prevent You From Losing Weight
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